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Best Commercial Photographers Minot ND

Let’s grow your business with unmatched photography by professional Minot commercial photographers. We use modern techniques to highlight the key aspects of your products and the efforts you put in making the products available to shelves. Connect with your target customers by taking them on a virtual tour with out-of-the-box photography.

Creative Photography Minot North Dakota

Let’s make the best out of your business, brand, and products with our immaculate creative photography. We have a brilliant eCommerce product photographer ND to add a creative touch to its marketing and promotions. Pursue creative photography to make the brand and product speak about its quality rather than claiming it in promotions and testimonials. 

Portrait Photography North Dakota

A mirror is not a true reflection of yourself. Why not get yourself a portrait, hang it in a living room, and stay young forever? Being the most sought-after Minot portrait photographers, we bring out the real you who is hiding behind the busy and hectic routine. Get ready for a brilliant portrait shoot to get captured like a charming and impressive person. Hire our services for special images to love them forever. 

360° Aerial Minot Photographer in Minot

Want to show a bigger picture of a property, event, or a project? We bring you an astounding solution to capture it all with aerial photography by our expert Minot photographer. Call us and we will come over with all the modern gadgets and tools to cover a 360° overview. Let it be a property, an event or wedding reception, or product launch ceremony.  

Joyful Event Photography

No one knows how to make your events joyful more than us. We have an exemplary understanding of events that’s why we shoot it the right way. Backed by a Minot ND photographer, our services come with years of experience and exposure in the field. Call us to discuss any specific requirements; we would love to make the arrangements. We pay special attention to details to make your events lovely and memorable. 

Automotive Photography in Minot

Car enthusiasts are lured by photography that highlights all of its specifications and attractions. Being an ardent explorer of cars, we know the art of automotive photography in Minot. If you aim to project new additions to your garage inventory, show off your proud car collection, or sell a favorite car, we are at your service. We make the photographs shout out louder than a salesperson.


Achieve your Goals Using Professional Commercial Photography Services

Hey! I am Harrison Foltz, the photographer/owner behind Foltz Photo! I am a commercial photographer and part 107 licensed sUAS pilot based in Minot, North Dakota, but I love to travel. I have been taking photos since I was little, but practicing professionally since I was 18, 7 years ago! I started by doing portrait photography for my friends, families, their pets, their vehicles as well as landscapes and cityscapes. Now, I primarily work with commercial clients on longer term projects in the construction and oilfield industries, but I still enjoy other artistic photography endeavors with those who need imagery for their automotive companies, clothing brands, events or modeling careers! I am passionate about working with my clients to adapt my style of photography to their use case. I am a pretty relaxed person, and I’ve been told I’m easy to get along with. I am a good listener, and I love to get a good background knowledge of my client before we get to work! I am a lean operation, as currently I’m the sole photographer on the team, and I employ freelance virtual teams when needed. Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss your project. I am quickest to respond via email at [email protected] or the contact form on my website, but if you leave me a voicemail or text I will definitely get back to you!

Harrison Foltz


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